Evaluation Tools! is offered on a fee basis. Clients are required to read and accept the terms
of use as follows:

Forte Development Inc. offers a service to assist in the early stage evaluation of mineral
properties. Evaluation Tools! should not be used as a substitute for proper engineering study,
but instead should be used to initiate discussion points in support of proper engineering study.
Expectations regarding the quality of the information provided by Evaluation Tools! should not
exceed those which would be consistent with the quality and level of detail of information and
input submitted and the inherent generic qualities of the underlying programming. Forte Development
Inc. does not warrant or guarantee information resulting from use of Evaluation Tools!. Reliance on
the information produced by Evaluation Tools! is at the user's sole risk. This website, content, and
all information provided by this service is protected by copyright law and remains the property of
Forte Development Inc.

All information submitted to Forte Development Inc. will be held in the strictest of confidence. Input
information relating to mineral properties, such as the input or output pages of Evaluation Tools!, may
be saved by clients as on-going evaluations. Once deleted, this information is not saved or archived
by Forte Development Inc. This on-going evaluation information or any other information will not be
disclosed to any person, corporation, organization, or government except when Forte Development Inc.
required to do so under Canadian law.

Obtaining an Account
Access to Evaluation Tools! is available through an "Account Name and Password" combination. To obtain
an account, select "Create an Account" on the log-in page or contact Forte Development by using
"Contact Forte Mining" on the sidebar. Please provide a contact name within your organization for obtaining
credit information.